Monday, January 7, 2013

Building a Semantic Web Personal Dashboard


I’m taking up a pet project to develop a personal data dashboard that I will make partially public on my blog.  I’m challenging myself to do this as I was looking for a achievable project to undertake using Semantic Web technologies.  Here are the data sources, some of which are manual, that I’m considering using:

  • Energy Usage Data (SOURCE: Power Bills, I wish NEST were to give me specifics on this in a automated way)
  • Personal Health Information including my weight (SOURCE: Fitbit scale)
  • Social Trends Information (SOURCE: Facebook and Twitter)
  • Personal finances (likely will hide the Y-axis!) such as net worth or retirement savings (SOURCE: iBank)
  • Average TV Usage (SOURCE: My Home Automation System)

Here are the details for the plan:

  • I will use RDF to store my data in a flat file
  • I will use Fuseki from the Apache Jena project to serve that data using SPARQL
  • I will use PHP to query the information using easyRDF libraries which will be converted to JSON
  • I will use Google Charts to produce the dashboard, and JQuery to load the information asynchronously
  • I’ll host this on my Synology Server (hopefully without having to keep a VM running on my iMac to successfully keep it hosted, but we will see)

I look forward to showing my colleagues at Octo Consulting my progress.  I know some of the developers there may have some suggestions on how to best work with JSON, something I’m not very experienced with.  Wish me luck, I’ll keep you posted on progress.


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